3 months ago
27th Friday 2014

There was several reasons Dean loved waking up and remembering he was visiting Sam at Stanford.

There was the sun and the heat pooling in from the windows, Dean was so used to cold, rain and snow that the heat of California was always welcome to him.

Second was the massive double bed that smelt like a mix of sex, lube and something that had always been purely Sam. Last night they’d put it’s sturdiness to the test as Sam fucked Dean until both of them ached with exhaustion. Now,
Dean could stretch out his muscles, smiling lightly at the dull ache still in his body from the night before.

Third was how, no matter how many times he visited, Sam would always make sure he got up before Dean. Ensuring not to wake him up, and starting on brewing coffee so when Dean woke it was ready.

All of that made visiting Sam amazing. But probably the biggest perk? Was waking up and seeing Sam work out.

Every time Dean showed up here, he’d got impossibly bigger. All his muscles rippling and the sweat clinging to his body in ways that made Dean jealous. Under constant sun, his lovers skin tanned perfectly.

Dean eyes watched Sam push himself up again and then back down again. His shoulders tensing and untensing as Sam worked the muscle over and over. Deans eyes trailed down to Sams barely covered ass. The outline of the jockstrap visible under the shorts making Deans mouth water. If Dean had one compliant, it would be the hat covering his brothers long hair from his view. “My god, are you a sight for sore eyes in the morning” Dean smirked, causing Sam to chuckle, movements stopping. “Could get used to it” “Id return the compliment, but I havent actually gotten to see you today, sleepy.” his brother teased looking over his shoulder. “And its been months since you’ve been here” Dean just smirked at Sam, eyeing his brothers chest and arms as he stood up. Yeah. Dean thought. He definitely had to be here more often to see that.

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