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If you are still taking prompts I have a bottom!jensen one it is j2. Is that a horny Jensen is waiting on Jared (he is away for whatever reason) in their hotel room but is gonna be a till Jared is back so Jensen gets a dildo plays with himself. Jared walks in on that. And begins dirty talk, top!jared, slightly rough sex and caring!jared at the end.


Jensen hated being on separate panels from Jared. It meant long hours that felt even worse when they weren’t together. He’d get all those awkward questions about fan fiction and ships - whatever the hell they where - And the fans would fill his mind with thoughts and images of himself and his lover that would have Jensen squirming and desperate for release.

He’d come back to the motel room, knowing he’d be alone because the second half of the panel started directly after his and Misha’s. He’d stripped off and lay out on the bed, opening himself up before roughly fucking himself with his favorite toy. He took it everywhere with him, for the stupidly long hours where he didn’t get to so much as look to much at Jared without someone commenting, gifing and posting online about it. They where so deep in the closet with each other but it never stopped draining the energy from them, exhausting them. Sometimes Jensen just needed this.

"Couldn’t even wait an hour, you dirty little whore" Jensen almost jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice, but relaxed when he looked up and seen Jared walking into their room. "Always such a pretty sight for me when I come home from work huh?"

"What can I say - pretending to be straight for too long makes me feel wrong" Jensen smirked back.

"Ass play doesn’t make you gay baby, sleeping with men does" He said, stripping off his clothes before crawling onto the bed hovering over his lover.

"Men? Is that you offering me out to strangers again Jare-?" The sentence was cut off as Jared’s hand wrapped around the toys base and fucking it roughly into Jensen’s bright pink stretched hole.

"Keep talking like that and I’m going to pound the shit out of you"

"Jared… oh fuck please!" Jared knew what Jensen needed, what he always needed. Pulling the toy out of his ass, Jared replaced it with his own cock, hands circling Jensen’s throat. He moved a few times slowly before he started pounding into Jensen’s tight heat.

"Need this when we’re out here, where no one knows about us, don’t you?" Jared grunted as he pounded faster, Jensen’s moans getting caught as he choked on his own moans and staggering breath. Most of Jared’s weight was resting on Jensen’s throat, and his thrusts never stopped. Neither of them where going to take very long, Jensen already strung lose and Jared just loved his lovers tight ass.

"J-jared… close" He begged, his cock leaking endlessly between them.

"That’s it baby" He growled, "Scream my name, how many fans do you think will hear us on this floor alone?"

Jensen came hard, stomach tensing as he spat come in between them both, long strangled moan leaving his throat as Jensen’s ass squeezed Jared’s own orgasm out of him. Pulling out softly and collapsing beside him, Jared pulled Jensen into his arms.

Both of them still panting and sated, they tangled around each other. “You’re panel really so bad?” Jared whispered, hand running softly up and down his spine.

"Course it was, you weren’t there" Jensen whispered back, eyes drooping as exhaustion took over him.

"I’m here now, Jen. I’ll always be here" He whispered, covering them both in sheets and letting his own eyes close. It had been a long day, a nap wasn’t the worst idea they’d ever had.

You know, I don’t get nearly enough j2 prompts. Hope this is what you wanted sweetpea :) <3 

Hey Hun. I've been having a bad few days and was wondering if you'd be willing to write me some cute, fluffy wincest/weecest? xx


They didn’t get many weekends off, just to themselves. The life didn’t allow it. It never had. But on the odd and rare occasion, Dean made sure to make time for Sam and only Sam. 

Especially occasions like this. Their anniversary. Well kind of. Sam was back from Stanford for just over a year now but their relationship was one year strong.

Neither of them had ever been one to make a fuss, but Dean still felt responsible for dragging Sam back into this life, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to have his brother missing out on anything he’d have if he was still living the good life.

So he’d found an easy case and then set to work, ensuring he was done by the weekend. Their room was nicer than they’d been used too. Now they shared a bed, it was easier to afford nicer living accommodation. Dean didn’t care either way, but again, Sam deserved it.

 Dean couldn’t help but pat himself on the back for the way Sam had reacted to bed in breakfast and the promise of a weekend alone and a dinner date. No longer had the words left Dean’s mouth after they’d finished breakfast and Sam was on him, holding him close pushing him backwards into the bathroom. He blindly turned the shower on, kissing Dean with passion and heat.

"Jesus, fuck. I love you, Dean"  

"I done good then huh?" Dean smirked, his hands trailing over Sam’s wet curved ass.

"You remembered out anniversary, not only that you made surprise plans for us - you done great" Sam pinned Dean to the tilted shower kissing down his brothers neck, nipping and sucking. 

"Course I remembered Sammy" Dean gasped, eyes fluttering closed, "I love you - I just want to make you happy" 

Cute Wincest makes me very happy :) Prompt me any time <3 xx

if your doing prompts could I get maybe weecest where sam and dean are trying things and end up safe wording? or some dubcon maybe? if your not comfortable writing this it's all good. thank you


"D-dean it’s too much I can’t!" Sam’s voice was muffled behind the tape but it could still be heard. He pulled against his restraints, rope digging and burning Sam’s skin in all the right ways, causing his cock to leak against the bright pink thong. When the vibrator came back down on Sam’s cock he cried out once more. Hips jerking as he tried to get away from the over stimulation against the underside of his cock. 

"AHH! D-DEAN!" Dean lifted the toy away once more with a dark chuckle. 

"C’mon Sammy. Isn’t this what you begged me for? Always begging so prettily when Dad’s away for your big brother to take care of you… told me you needed this" Dean punctuated his words by pressing the vibrator down and putting it to a higher, more intense setting. Dean knew Sam was close to snapping, he loved giving what Sam what he wanted when he could. For a 16 year old, Sam was the kinkiest and neediest little fucker he knew. Dean hadn’t thought of a single thing yet that Sam didn’t instantly want to try - and he was just as creative within his own mind.

"AH- Impala! Stop De Impala!" 

Dean dropped the toy after he flicked it off. He pulled the tape off Sam’s mouth and started to untie his restraints, moving slowly. He was giving Sam a moment to calm down. Once he was free, Dean got on the bed beside him, pulling him into his arms and holding his little brother. 

"Easy Sammy, I got you" Dean whispered as Sam buried his face in Dean’s chest, he could feel the tears dropping onto his skin as Sam’s shoulders gently shook. "I’m going to take care of you now, okay? Take all that built up anger and pain away"

"T-thank you, Dean"

Hey hun :) I got a prompt for you! Wincest AU, Sammy is bashful about his big dick and is always last in the showers at school but coach Dean Smith stays behind to watch him one day... Activities ensue ;)

"See I had you pegged as ‘shy due to size’ but I never expected this" Sam Wesson was new to the school, and despite girls and boys throwing themselves at him, he hadn’t taken any of the bait. The boy stood at just over 6 foot, in damn near perfect physical condition even only being 17 years old. He had stupid floppy hair that got in the way of his eyes and a smile that was fresh white and cornered by dimples. 

Dean had assumed wrongly, why he was so shy & always the last into the showers. The puzzle had him so baffled he’d taken the chance one day after class when he realized his freshman class was on a field trip to finally answer the burning questions.

Sam almost had a heart attack when the coaches voice came from behind him. “I thought, surely being as big and as good looking as he is - he’s gotta have a tiny dick right? It’s only fair” He chuckled, “But I couldn’t have been more wrong, huh Sammy?” The boy turned around, face flushing darker than the warm water had already caused, “Tell me, why are you so shy about a beautiful thing like that?” Dean asked him, causing the boy to look up in confusion. 

"Everyone always stares at it - at my last school some of the guys even grabbed it - squeezed it - said I was on pills to make it bigger" He whispered out ashamed, "I don’t want that to happen here too…" He explained hoping his coach would take pity on him, not make fun of him too. 

"How did you feel?" He asked him, "When the other guys grabbed it?" He let his hands trail over his soft body, causing the younger to gasp and his cock to twitch to life. 

"G-good. But I couldn’t tell them that" Dean understood all to well how horrible teenage boys would be to you when they found out you where gay, more so if you happen to be sporting a semi in the shower rooms. 

"So you like when other guys touch you?" Dean asked, stepping under the spray with him, pressing their bodies together. 

Sam nodded, eyes dark with lust. 

"You ever done anything with guys before?" 

Sam shook his head this time, biting down on his bottom lip. 

"Do you wanna be?"

"Fuck, yes!" 

Dean couldn’t help himself, didn’t even really care that he could lose his job if anyone came in here. He kissed Sam quickly, before dropping to his knee’s in front of the younger boy, taking as much of his leaking cock into his mouth as he could, setting a fast pace knowing his neck and jaw wouldn’t thank him for it later. 

"Such a beautiful, fat cock Sammy… Could choke myself on it" New words of praise came from Dean’s mouth every few seconds as his hands trailed over the boys torso his own cock leaking desperate between his own legs. 

"S-sir. I’m gonna come!" Sam tried to warn as his legs almost gave out, hands wrapping in Dean’s hair and his hips stuttering as he came down the teachers throat. Dean slowed, sucking him softly through his orgasm, pulling off with a smile. He messily kissed Sam, letting him taste himself. 

"Better get to class, kid. Don’t wanna fuck up your attendance do you?" Dean whispered with a chuckle. "I’ll take care of this, don’t worry"

Sam nodded and blushed, still shy and bashful in a way that already had Dean’s balls tightening. 




Thanks for the prompt nonnie :) I’ve had these gifs saved for a while now and nothing to do with them so thank youuuu :) Request anytimes xx <3