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If you don’t think these are the greatest than you’re lying


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wankingforever asked: Dean and Sam are working on different cases. Sam misses Dean terribly and video calls him to see him. Dean has another idea in mind and decides to tease him a bit :)

Sam hated not working cases with Dean. A simple salt and burn could easily turn into a three week complicated case so it was never garunteed when they would get to meet back up again. Sam knew himself deep down that neither of them would be able to sleep at night if they ignored a hunt, it’s why they split up in the first place, but he could help but feel bitter as he lay back on the motel bed.

Sam opened his laptop, sighing softly at the picture of the two of them at Bobby’s last Christmas. Dean had teased him about it to start with but he let it go easily enough. Picking up his phone Sam quickly text his lover.

When you get back, come on skype. I miss you. SW.


Just under an hour had passed when the gentle incoming call tone played through Sam’s speakers. He answered the call with a smile already forming on his face, excitement twisting in his stomach with his eyes trained of the pixelated box where the picture was forming.


Sam’s breath caught in his throat as his cock fattened in his sweat pants. There was a rustlings as Dean tilted the webcam up so Sam could have a better view of his body, his hunter-trained perfect body, and god that cock. Sam’s mouth watered at the sight of it, desperate to struggle to accommodate the length in his throat, to bury his nose against those trimmed short pubes that Sam knew smelt strongest of Dean that anywhere on his body.

Before Sam could really react Dean stopped, sitting down on the bed with a smirk that Sam would deny he missed.

"Sorry. I assumed when you said you missed me you didn’t just mean my cock right?" His voice was soothing to the ache in his chest, but some how still set fire to every nerve in his body.

"O-of course" Sam’s voice was too tight, only making Dean’s smirk grow.

"I also assumed that instead of getting off over skype tonight, you’d much rather see me in person?" Dean’s head titled mockingly, eyes dancing with mischief.

"You know I’d rather see you" Sam huffed softly, slightly peeved that Dean would even dangle that in front of them.

"Good. Because I’ve finished up here. Bags are packed and I’ve just had a shower" Dean shrugged.

Sam’s mouth comically dropped, “I thought you said this hunt was going to take another week at least?”

"Yeah, well I work more when I’ve got a reason to get finished quicker" Dean smiled softly through the camera, "So I can be with you in safe side an hour - the only question is do you think you can hold out until then-?"

"Get home - now" Sam half barked. "I can wait another hour if I know you’re coming… just get dressed check out and get here, please?"

Dean chuckled but nodded softly, “And what’s in it for me if I do”

"Well, I’ve got safe side an hour to open myself up for you-"

Dean’s face flushed and he let out a whimper at the thought of Sam spread out and open for him.

"Deal" He nodded quickly.

"Be quick, De"

"See you soon, Sammy"


Hey baby! First prompt request for you! I hope you like it and I’m sorry to everyone that I’m so bust lately that I can’t get to my prompts. <3 xx I will try write more soon.

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Going to sign my lease on my new flat today! Im so fucking excited ♡ .

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Infographic: Difference Between BDSM & Abuse


more articles in the Library For Kinksters.

I will rebolg this every time it shows up on my dashboard

~Princess Little.

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They made me who I am.
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Winchesters in White  (8x03)

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Deanmon. Deanmon. DEANMON.

I CAn’t

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A Simplified Guide To The Sexualities
  • Homosexual:sexual attraction to houses and other building like structures.
  • Heterosexual:an undying lust for Macklemore.
  • Asexual:attraction to any and all things beginning with the letter A.
  • Pansexual:a desire for pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.
  • Polysexual:sexual attraction to polygons.
  • Bisexual:Attraction to the 9th century Chinese army officer Bi Shiduo.
  • Demisexual:Never ending love of demi lovato
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    Supernatural season 10 promo ! 

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    I couldn’t have said it better. 

    One of the best things I’ve ever seen

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    ✦ Sam in Dean’s room, looking at family pictures   

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    #how to take a selfie

    holy fucking shit